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A section has to live up to its name so here is some small print for you!

  • I do a fair bit of research, based on signature, age, style etc, before I attribute an item but you are urged to do your own to avoid misunderstandings.

  • I offer no authenticity certificates (they can be faked too if you didn't know!)

  • Sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference between oil and acrylic so I am using "oil" as a general term.

  • Artworks that are framed and under glass have not been examined outside said frame and glass unless otherwise stated.

  • Measurements are in cm and are more or less accurate but consider them as approximate.

  • I loosely use the term "Orientalism" to describe the Arab speaking and former Ottoman empire countries.

  • VAT is usually not included. Contact me.

  • Vintage paintings (and other art) are, by definition, of a certain age and normal wear is common. Anything major will be noted. In item descriptions you will find the designations F (fair - it has issues), G (good - has normal age related wear) and VG (very good - has little or no wear). Sometimes the symbols +/- are added for extra precision.

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